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Dallas North Builders Hardware continues to grow year after year due to one basic, proven business philosophy... "sell products to meet the customer's needs, while maximizing the budgeted decorative hardware and plumbing dollars. Deliver all products on time, and make absolutely sure your service and attention to detail far exceeds the customer's expectations"

While we realize price is a common concern, we feel the relationship between you and our sales consultants is a first priority. Our perpetual goal is to have and maintain your business... for a lifetime.

Behind every successful company, you will find exceptional, dedicated employees. Our company is extremely fortunate to employ some of the most knowledgeable and talented sales consultants in the decorative hardware and plumbing fixture industries.

Our showroom offers a broad range of beautiful, name brand products, ready for your viewing. We make sure to select and display the top manufacturers' product lines on the market, enabling you to truly enhance the architectural theme of your personal home or business. With over 230 different manufacturers' product lines to choose from, we can fit your desired budget. We feel our showroom versatility and selection is a must when it comes to putting the finishing touches on any project, from the basic redecorating job, to the complex job of building a new home or office. We are "right at home" working with numerous designers in our market and welcome any appointment you might want to make with us.

Construction timelines are extremely important to your builder for several reasons, most importantly to control his construction costs. There are two critical windows of time our products flow into the construction phase of your home or business. Bath and shower fixtures need to be selected by the end of your builder's framing stage, so all necessary concealed valves can be secured in the shower walls or under the deck for any whirlpool tub or steeping bath. Decorative door & cabinet hardware must be counted and ordered just before your builder gets ready to paint. This allows enough time for you to meet with our showroom consultants to make your decorative door and cabinet hardware selections. As a double check system to your builder's plans, we personally visit your construction site to perform a complete take-off for your new home or business.

Once you have selected your new decorative door and cabinet hardware and plumbing fixtures, your showroom sales consultant will place the appropriate orders with the various manufacturers you have selected. We are in constant contact with your designer and builder to make absolutely sure we deliver your hardware and plumbing fixtures, as needed, during construction. Our warehouse staff labels every piece of decorative hardware and plumbing for your builder, as to its location in your new home or office. Every door lock is keyed and all cabinet hardware is separated by rooms, for the installer, to ensure the proper placement of your new products. Our courteous drivers deliver your decorative hardware and plumbing packages to your new home or business, greatly reducing the chance of loss or damage. We make sure all your products are signed for at the model or construction trailer, so they will be safely stored before installation.


While we make every effort to ensure that only the highest quality products are delivered to your new home or business, we realize there is always a marginal chance for defective merchandise. If you should experience a problem with any decorative hardware or plumbing fixtures, please give us a call. We will quickly schedule an appointment with you, at your convenience, for one of our service technicians to repair or replace the defective merchandise. It is our desire that each sales experience you share with us exceed your expectations from beginning to end...
for a lifetime.


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